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Application Maintenance

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We understand the pains you take to nurture your dreams and shape it to an application. And when you come to us with the requirement of maintaining that application, we are forever ready to do it. Even for the ones that we haven’t built, we go back to the basics, reverse engineer your code base and maintain the application for you.

24*7 Availability
To maintain an application and software testing, the primary factor becomes availability of the service provider. Partnering with us gets you the facility of round the clock availability of our testing services and extensive support for critical bugs.

Release Management
Our software testing and release management procedures follow your code base from developer's system to the production server. Precisely, developer pushes the code to Source control that we never fail to use. The test server gets code from the SVN, and this is where the magic happens. After rigorous testing services, the application is pushed to the staging server from where it gets to the production server.