Payment Gateway Solution

If you are dealing in some sort of business, the motive is to earn and maximize the profit. In a way to enhance the profits and to have a great deal of control over the payment methodology, it becomes necessary to have an ideal payment gateway. At Embronic Technosoft, we provide you the ideal means through which you can manage the business transactions with considerable ease. To do so, it would be appropriate to have a single solution payment gateway, which in the long run can support multiple payment channels in an efficient manner. The process involved is very much appropriate and combines flexible payment tools that will in the long run enable banks and credit unions to meet the varied needs of the customers’ business needs and demands.

Embronic Technosoft’s payment gateway is designed to facilitate transactions that can be reported, so as to ensure incoming and outgoing transactions as well as raising alerts, when it comes to declined or rejected payments. Our web based payment gateway is crucial to ensure profitability for financial institutions and commercial interests. It is very much secured and can be used to manage payments with absolute ease. To reduce the element of risk involved in financial transactions and to increases revenues with that of a low operating cost is what we intend to provide you with. We prefer to make use of PayU Money, Paypal and CCAvenue as preferred payment gateway.


PayUMoney is a payments platform from PayU, one of the largest payment gateway services providers. The advantage if you intend to make use of payUmoney is being listed below:1. Zero set up cost and annual fee
2. Go- Live inside 48 hours
3. Simple documentation involved.

CCAvenue and its many benefits:1. Maximum payment options with multiple currency processing
2. Iframe integration and smart dynamic routing
3. Low operating cost

PayPal and its features 1. Make payment overseas with ease
2. Extremely safe and reliable
3.Online on the go

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